Founded in 1987, Shandong Lucion Investment Holdings Group has focused on Financing, investment and asset management since its start as an important asset management platform in Shandong Province. With the support of Shandong Provincial Government, Lucion Group has so far owned Shandong International Trust Corporation, Shandong Lucion Industrial Group, Lucion Venture Capital Group, Shandong Lucion Cultural Media Investment Group, Shandong Lucion Financial Holdings Corporation, Shandong Lucion Tianyi Printing Corporation, etc. Over the years, Lucion Group has been contributing to improve asset management ability especially for entrusted assets, to provide customers investment and financing solutions and to serve social development and industry transformation. 

On June 2015, the SASAC approved the reorganization plan which authorized Lucion Group as one of the first-batch reorganized companies. Lucion Group has undertook the tasks of implementing provincial government’s strategic intent and supporting infrastructure & strategic emerging industry, in order to building Lucion a first-class domestic financial investment group with international influence by 2020.

Financial service is the core business of Lucion Group. After three decades of development, Lucion provides a broad range of financial services to a diverse group of corporations, financial institutions, investment funds and governments. Services include financial trust, securities investment funds, loans, guarantee business, investment banking, insurance agent, artwork trade, pawn business, finance lease, wealth advisory and disposition of NPA.

As one of the first-batch companies conducted venture capital business, Lucion has focused on both self-owned assets and entrusted funds, in order to assist project companies achieve their goals by implementing equity investment.

Lucion Group also managed governmental funds, including Shandong Provincial Venture Capital Guiding Fund, Shandong Technology Venture Capital Fund, Shandong Cultural Development Investment Fund, etc. Aside from governmental funds, Lucion has established numerous industrial investment funds, regional investment funds, special funds, platform investment funds and RMB International Investment Fund.

Waging over mainstream cultural industry, Lucion provides top platform of cultural tourism industry by investing in cinemas, movie & television play, tourism investment, advertising operation, artwork trade, journal & magazine and printing, achieving good economic benefit and social benefit.

In infrastructure investment field, Lucion group has invested in electric power, railways, ports, airports, oil refining, heat supplying, natural gas pipeline, making infrastructure investment an important profit point.

Lucion Real Estate, focused in Shandong, has actively participated in governmental land arrangement, real estate development and construction project, making contribution to regional economic development.

In the future, Lucion Group is looking forward to cooperating with domestic and foreign institutions to achieve greater success.